Irina Energy Salsa

A person who can be called "energy drink" or "perpetual engine" as in life as on the dance floor. When she starts some project, she dives in it fully and doesn't know peace till successfully finishes it. Due to everlasting rage to something new she couldn't live calmly, so, to active social dancing, regular job, great interest for sport and a "Mama" status Irina also got involved into Festival organization. She is responsible for... well, just responsible :)

Katja Sparkling Salsa

Stepped in into the salsa world about 10 years ago. By coincidence, without any prevision where she will be because of this new entertainment. If now somebody offered to return back and choose something else, wouldn't agree for any price, for thinks that salsa gives the best fun in the whole world. Very happy (and sparkling) that can combine enjoyable with useful - traveling to other countries (useful) and super time spending with great salsa people. After the first Riga Salsa festival understood that it is unique possibility to make her life more interesting and glided into the festival organizers team.